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Eucalyptus trees

Spending time in nature is one of my favourite things to do and my love of the Australian bush and Eucalyptus trees is my current fascination.  


After drawing people as my last collection of works, my artistic focus has shifted to capturing the essence of my favourite Eucalyptus trees.  I find inspiration in their intricate shapes and forms, and I notice they brings me a deeper understanding and appreciation.


As I translate an individual “tree portrait” into an artwork, I realised each Eucalypt appears to have their own distinctive personality, almost as if they possess a silent but powerful character that resonates with me. 


I hope you enjoy my interpretation of the Eucalyptus trees I have created so far.  I am continuing my creation of Eucalypts, so check out my site every now and then to see what new pieces I have added to the current collection. 

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