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Drawn portraits

My current drawings are expressive of my love and connection to Aboriginal culture.

I have been inspired by some intriguing First Nations friends and members of the community who are part of admirable causes, accomplishing outstanding service to others or have influenced me in some meaningful way.

I embrace Australia’s very old and magical culture and grow spiritually through this current and highly respected avenue of learning.

The eco-dyed fabric backgrounds are a purposeful and seasonal story created during tranquil walks in the bush. I collect small amounts of fallen native leaves and flowers and print them onto fabric, keeping the individual I am drawing in mind during this process.

These drawings, in particular, are from my heart and soul, something I feel called to do, I guess this is a deeper part of my personal spiritual practice, another avenue, to help me connect to culture.

All of these portraits are original artworks only and will not be reproduced.

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