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Art by Heidi Lee Warta

My textured and earthy art is a testament to my love for nature, a powerful and intimate reflection of my personal connection with Australian bush.

I infuse my art with depth and emotion, hoping to create a profound impact and resonate with those who experience my artworks as well. 

My specific themes revolve around Australian native flora, and currently, I am focused on creating textured and earthy Eucalyptus trees.

My art is deeply personal to me, it is a representation of my soul and an indicator of where I am at in life. I believe that my art is a figment of my identity, and it evolves and changes as I do.

My location on the Northern Beaches and the Central Coast provides an abundance of natural inspiration.  

Eco-dying has been a significant part of my creative process, allowing me to forge a deeper connection with the land and appreciate the beauty that surrounds me.  


The excitement I experience when unwrapping the fabric reflects the joy and wonder that nature continually bestows upon those who seek to understand and connect with it and I believe this magic appears when I draw my trees. 

Art by Heidi Lee Warta
Art by Heidi Lee Warta

I have been fortunate to have my work recognised and displayed in various galleries and exhibitions. 

I am currently one of the represented artists at The Watershed Gallery in the Hunter Valley region in Polkolbin. My successful 'Ochre Woman' art exhibition, becoming a finalist in the Kennedy Prize, and being asked to display my artwares in the boutique in Manly Art Gallery and Museum are just some of the notable achievements in my career. Philanthropy is also important to me, and I donated eighteen weeks of my time to the YPAC children disabled orphanage in Bali, creating ten large pieces of art with the children to raise money for the school room and computers.

When you realise your art has the potential to bring people together and make a positive impact on their lives, it's truly a remarkable feeling.
Teaching and guiding others on their creative journeys has been a fulfilling experience for me.

I spend time with lovely people who are eager to learn and grow. I have been teaching art in Mental Health for over fourteen years, and I am currently a support worker in Mental Health as well.

Art by Heidi Lee Warta
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