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Medium: Mixed media on cotton and silk blend

Size: 132cm x 107cm x 3.5cm


This Ribbon bark tree (Eucalyptus Viminalis) seized my attention with its ethereal presence in a clearing of Australian Bushland at Bungendore in NSW, (a few hours’ drive from the southeast coast).


Initially, this tree’s isolation within the clearing created an air of mystery and beauty which were complimented further by each strewn length of streaming bark that danced and whispered with the wind.  It permeated the kind of comfort that envelops you in warmth and embraces an ever deep, intimate part of the soul that remains untouched.


What made this moment even more special was the surprise of noticing a Tawny Frogmouth camouflaged within the branches acting like a tree branch. So still.


The Tawny has carried special significance to me throughout various stages of my life, both in ‘light’ and ‘dark’ times. Their symbolic medicine to me is one of protection and reassurance from realms of the unseen, emitting an air of intelligence and insight as though their deep silences communicate wisdom through them to the natural world.


I’m also fortunate to share my front yard with a couple of Tawny Frogmouths living on a tree outside my bedroom window.  Their company reminds me of my two sons who’re living out of home. They bring me much comfort and are also a reminder of the loyalty between bonds of blood, close friends and family that unite us together and make life more special for it.

Ribbon Bark Gives Life

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