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Materials: Mixed media

Measurements: H 131cm x W 155cm x D 3.5cm

Gai-Mariagal Country on the Northern Beaches of Sydney is my hometown and I will often spend long days exploring the local bushland. Sometimes when exploring new areas, I do become disorientated.


One day I did happen to get lost and on this particular day I was slightly panicky as it was already sunset.


Eventually after my brisk fumbling through the bush I recognised the beautiful white scribbly bark tree that I was admiring closely earlier and now knew where I was located. Phew!


This tree is nestled in a small clearing and the warm golden light was literally beaming off the white squiggled bark, GLOWING. The late golden afternoon sun was beaming down on the tree and It seemed like the Scribbly was whispering to me “I’m over here, I will help you get home”.


From that day onwards I named this tree my ‘Safety Tree’ but then changed it to ‘Glowing Scribbly Gum’ so it doesn’t sound too needy! I often go to this area of the bush to sit in this special place.

Glowing Scribbly Gum

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