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Medium: Mixed media on cotton and silk blend

Measurements: 138cm x 114 cm


One stunning morning during my recent travels to Alice Springs, the sunrise painted the sky with breathtaking hues, transforming the colours of the river gum tree trunks along the riverbank. Captivated by this ethereal display of light, I endeavoured to capture the essence of these illuminating moments in my artwork depicting this Red River Gum tree.


 Ever enchanted by the abundant bird life and nests I observed, a whimsical touch emerged during the creation of this artwork. A charming nest bath materialized, complete with a droplet serving as a light source, and cheeky eggs adorned with curls—a delightful surprise courtesy of my ever-surprising imagination! 


To me, these trees encapsulate the essence of the natural world in the heart of Alice Springs, creating a picturesque marvel and a cultural landmark along the riverbanks. Their beauty truly resonates and adds to the charm of the surroundings. I must go there again to take in more of this beautiful county. 

River Gum Sunrise

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