Born Australia
Lives and works in Sydney (Gaimarigal Country)

2019 Advanced Diploma of Visual Arts

2019 Merekat Exhibition, See Street Gallery
2019 Kaleidoscope, See Street Gallery
2018    Emerge, See Street Gallery Sydney
2018    From A to G, See Street Gallery Sydney
2012-2018  Exhibiting regularly at ‘Drift’ in Collaroy
2016    Combined art exhibition at ‘Fine & Country’ Real Estate in Double Bay
2015    May: Solo Art exhibition at Girdlers Grind in Dee Why on the strand
2011    Solo art exhibition at ‘Hot Yoga’ in Brookvale
2008    Solo art exhibition at the ‘Marina’ in Akuna Bay

2014-2018 Commissioned to paint portraits for private clientele
2015-2018 Commissioned to create resin artworks for private clientele throughout Sydney
2016    Commissioned to paint corporate art for a client in Hong Kong
2013    Commissioned to paint a large painting of Gina Rinehart and Lang Hancock for Gina Rinehart
2014    Commissioned to create an art installation for Subsonic music festival
2014    Combined art exhibition at Tap Gallery
2014    Solo art exhibited at Tap Gallery for spoken word evening
2014    Commissioned to paint for the owner of Fine & Country

Private collections in Sydney, Western Australia, Queensland and internationally including USA (California, Los Angeles, New Hampshire), China, Thailand, and Bali

2018 Featured in Peninsular Living magazine  Edition: March 2018 Issue
2016  Featured in the 2016 Inspiration: International Art Book
2012 Art featured in Wise Women book

2012 – 2019 Ongoing teaching art to children and adults from my studio
2017 – 2019 Teaching art part-time at ‘Your Side’ Australia, mental health and disability service.

2013-2017 Teaching art part-time at ‘One Door’ Australia, mental health and disability service
2016 Teacher at ‘If You Like Art’ in Brookvale
2016 – 2018 Curated three consecutive group exhibitions for students at Bella Vista Café, North Head, Manly

Volunteer Work
2012  Volunteered 18 weeks full time and materials, painting with the children at the YPAC Disabled Orphanage. The paintings were auctioned for $10,000. Over $20,000AUD for the YPAC Orphanage was raised in total.

Professional Associations
2018  Member of the National Association of Visual Arts (NAVA)


Heidi Lee Warta lives on the beautiful Northern Beaches of Sydney where she was born.

Heidi Lee’s work is passionate and vibrant. She endeavours to capture a life force and energy. The use of vivid colour and bold textures blended together gives her work a unique style, depth and a sense of heartfelt emotion where she focuses on rich palettes and techniques.

In 2012 Heidi Lee was living in Indonesia where she volunteered her time and materials and painted with the beautiful children at the YPAC Disabled Orphanage over a whopping 18 week period. The paintings Heidi and the children completed were auctioned for $10,000. Over $20,000AUD for the YPAC Orphanage was raised in total. This experience was a profound turning point in Heidi’s life.

Having had several solo exhibitions and several pieces hung and sold successfully in a mix of eclectic exhibitions, boutiques & cafes throughout Sydney and internationally including USA (California, Los Angeles, New Hampshire), China, Thailand, and Bali.

Heidi is a full-time artist creating commission pieces for clients all over Sydney and is currently working part-time for ‘Your Side’ Australia, mental health and disability service teaching art to recipients and carers. Heidi also holds adult and children’s art classes from her studio in Collaroy Plateau.

Heidi works many layers to give depth and texture infusing wonderment, confusion, and the element of magic leaving the viewer asking… “How did you do that?” Favourite methods used are mixed media including resin, wood, fabric, plastic, metal, cardboard, glue, impasto, acrylic, oil, pigment, sand, oil, house paints wax, shellac, fire, and sweat.

Inspirations & Heidi Lee………

Nature, travelling, markets, culture, ceremonies, oceans, diving, fish, photos, happy snaps, books, drumming, dancing, randomness, sunsets, flowers, fruit, organic, leaves, fire, smiles, faces, boldness, history, raindrops on webs, fresh, dreams, cuddles, cooking, meditation, fitness, wild animals, spirituality, textures, hammers & art tools, mold, dirty things, artists, musicians, stories, dress ups, parties, connecting, candy, rustic furniture, originality, personality, tragedy, intelligence, vibration, feelings, fast cars, fashion, colour, satori, yoga, real estate, rainbows, energy, crystals, rocks & minerals, motorbikes, music, waves, ART, laughing, bodies, skies, unique souls, elation, moments with people…..clouds, sunsets, blessings & light!

Artist statement: Being an artist is my truth and spreading a positive message where I can is my purpose.  I feel that it is a part of my life’s journey to create and teach the therapeutic value of art.  The instinctual essence of who I am is channelled, filtered and revealed through my visual language.
I hope you enjoy absorbing your new artwork as much as I did creating it.

Studio Manly


“My imagination is endless and the more creativity I use, the more I have infinite creativity.
I evoke my creative instinct and revel between the conscious and unconscious”.